Tupac Shakur's Prison ID, Booking Photo Up For Sale

Two infamous pieces of Tupac Shakur‘s past now have a price tag attached to them … and someone with a lot of dough could secure his booking photo, or even his ID, from his time behind bars.

The big sale is going down on Momentsintime.com — one of the items is an unseen booking photo from when he served time at Clinton Correctional Facility in New York in 1995.

tupac mug moments

We’re told it’s going for $35k on the site — but that’s nothing compared to his incredibly rare prison identification.

tupac id moments

Tupac’s ID is going for a whopping $75,000 … and it’s actually the one he got as a replacement after losing his OG card.

tupac REQUEST moments

The wealthy buyer will also get the form he had to fill out when requesting a replacement — it’s got his signature and a note that simply reads, “I lost my ID and need a new one. Thank you.”

We’re told the ID and booking photos were given to a family member once Pac got out of prison … and it was passed around over the years before winding up in the hands of a private collector.

You’ll recall, Tupac served 9 months for his 1995 sex abuse conviction. His first prison ID was auctioned off back in 2019, eventually fetching $30k after an opening bid of just $2,000.

Worth mentioning, the case of Pac’s murder being reopened — with the recent arrest of his alleged killer, Keefe D — could mean these items are more popular than ever … so if you’re interested, ya better act fast.

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