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Read a full review on the webtoon show The Squeaky Savage. Check out the korean episode of the website where the drama the app the movie and the show. The Squeaky Savage MakeUp Artist The Squeaky Savages beauty-driven comedy focuses on the misadventures of a young Korean beauty. When a new school year arrives, Sassy, who is very shy at first, becomes a sensation among the female students at the prestigious Seoul school she attends. However, Sassys popularity soon turns out to be a double-edged sword that comes with its own set of dangers. Through her everyday adventures, Sassy learns that beauty truly is a game with the rules of who is the most beautiful girl of the group. Ive always been interested in Korean culture, which made it a no-brainer for me to watch the show. Although the show doesnt focus on Korea as a whole, the main character, Sassy, is very much of the Korean culture in this series. This is evident from the shows main theme to beauty, which revolves around whos the most beautiful girl of the group, and the Game that revolves around who is most attractive. Additionally, the show does not use the Asian, i. Beauty queen, Korean beauty, etc to reinforce these stereotypes. By doing so, the show allows Sassy to be more of a well-rounded person and not pigeonholed as just a beauty queen. In addition to the main theme of beauty, the show also features a plethora of humor. For example, Sassys dick joke is always a lot of fun, especially when it comes to Korean humor. However, it is not all just jabs and laughs. There are also other characters in the show, namely Sassys roommate, Aoyeong, played by Lee Tae-yoon that has a very different take on social situations. I found that she was much more mature than Sassy, and that was refreshing to see. Also, because the show is so lighthearted, I found myself laughing at Aoyeongs actions. This is a positive aspect in a series like that, because I am usually very hard on the shows that are.

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