Tricoci University is an accredited beauty school offering cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, …

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Here to give you an update is Miss Lucy, our resident social media guru. You scroll through her feed, seeing her photo with a few of your other classmates taken from their social media pages. A picture of him with Tilly herself appears, along with several comments. T help but notice her picture in the pictures of your classmates and that the boy she was talking to Tilly was also one of your classmates. Ve been busy with my own degree, as well as my modeling job. S really tiring sometimes, but I guess I can always take breaks. S always a nice way to manage your time. Ve all been waiting for me to tell you too. M finally running for the position of Miss Tricoci University of Beauty. You and everyone else go completely quiet when this is said and then you all begin to applaud. Oh and congratulations on your marriage and your children. When you do answer, Tilly is still talking. M just about ready to give you all a big announcement. Tilly says, before hanging up at your enthusiastic reaction. Her phone had just been ringing constantly, but this was different. You sit there speechless for about 5 minutes until you remember.

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