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Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X Tria Hair Removal 4X-Laser-Affects Fuzzy Hair Growth On the Face and Laser-Affects Unwanted Hair on Body and Treatment. Scent FreeGlowingLaser ALaserLaser ALaser BScent FreeLaser BLaser ALaserLaser ALaser BSkin CareLaser CLaser CLaser CSkin CareLaser CTria.

Skin Care Review Tria is a new company that I came across when they were one of those last few companies I used to go into stores like Ulta and Sephora, but theyve been getting rid of all the stuff I didnt want anymore while the name has changed over time. They seem to be getting rid of all kinds of skin care products, and they are the kind that Im familiar with; they just changed the package and the name. They are a large company and theyre getting more and more into the hair removal market in the past year or so. They have a ton of products, but I couldnt find the hair removal stuff on their site. I got the Anti-Fatigue shampoo from them and its a good product, but I really dont think its worth the price, especially since it gives me terrible migraines. So if you want hair removal and not migraines, youre better off going to a medical skincare store, which I highly recommend. I bought this box as an impulse buy, but it has since been marked down, so I figure I should write a review about it. PackagingThis is in a plastic bag, which has a little red bag that reads Skincare on it. In this bag, you can find a small bottle of cream that looks a bit watery, some sticks of different color, and a small sponge. ScentIn the bottle, there is a faint smell of honey and strawberries, which Im kind of liking. ApplicationThe first thing I did was try to rub it on my neck and arms, but it didnt completely cover them completely. Then I tried rubbing it on my shoulders and my legs, but it also didnt cover those areas entirely. It was difficult to get it all on them in the first place. I took the sponge and ran it through my hair and then started massaging it on my legs and arms. My face immediately started burning and stinging. This is definitely something I need to look out for because Im hoping I dont start burning and stabbing myself in the arms and body. I started scratching and Im not sure if that was because of the agony of the burning and the itching and just being scared. It didnt actually affect my legs that much, I guess its my hair that gets its heat through my skin.

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