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T on camera, Jamie also had a relationship with a man. Jamie has also stated that she is still considering coming out as transgender as well. S also a model, will also be appearing in a series of photos with the group. In addition to coming out as transgender to the world, Jamie is also coming out to his family. I have always come to truly understand that God created me the way he did so I could fulfill a purpose that he had for me. The decision to live as a woman was a very difficult one for me and required a lot of soul searching to make the decision to accept this way of being, but I am now stronger for the decision I made and even stronger for accepting my past as I now have a future. I am so very happy that you all chose to come out here. I will be forever grateful for the support you all have given me, no matter what the future holds for me. Jamie has made it very clear that he wants to make a full release of these photos very soon. We just hope that he will allow other trans celebrities to be in the photos. On Octo, a poster by the name of BitchBitch posted at Facebook that she was a transwoman and her story of survival and coming out. This was met with overwhelming support and was extremely moving, with so many telling her how much they were inspired by her. On Octo, a fan by the name of Cacophony posted the below text at Facebook where she said the following:Dear transgendered people, I see you are looking for the help and support that you will not find here on this website. There is no hope for you until you first come out and let people see you as you are, not what you think others think you should be. Ve been fucking suffering from gender dysphoria since I was a wee lad. I went to my first puberty blocking treatment at 16. The only way I could get the male hormones I required to grow up physically was.

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