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The values can also go up to 10,000. S get started first, shall we. He was born an only child and grew up in a large family in the big city. T let his birth to a Jackson cause him to be stuck at home all day long. T a particularly popular kid, he did live a relatively sheltered life. He did have people that were concerned about his safety, mostly due to being a celebrity and all. However, those same people were also aware of his talent for music. This coupled with his love for music eventually got him somewhere in time to be one of the most successful young singersongwriters to ever come out of the 1950s. A brief note is that in the movie, The Blues Brothers Jackson was portrayed by Ray Liotta. In the 1970s he became a big star due to becoming a film actor, and is widely considered one of the greatest entertainers in movies. T be a problem for Jackson, so his actual career as a singersongwriter is actually a lot more interesting and deeper than it might appear. In addition to his music career, he also began playing guitar. By the 1960s he was a big name, which eventually lead to him being sought after by producers and songwriters. For about a few years he recorded his own albums, releasing one in 1963 and another one in 1965. 1967 he performed live with a band that featured himself, another singer, who I believe was Diana Krall and a drummer, which is where he got the name The Blues Brothers. This band was so well received, at least in terms of album sales, that they made a movie based on their exploits in 1971, The Blues Brothers which was released in a few months. T until 1974 that he released his first solo album. In the movie, Jackson is portrayed by Denzel Washington, who had no prior movie experience other than a small role in The Blues Brothers during his early years.

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