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The Most Beautiful Women: Jennifer Lawrence You: Lets have pizza and some whiskey later on. And we have to make contact with this girl in under an hour. Just let me take you to a restroom. He: No, but dont mind if I lean against the door. You: You can call me Tabby. He: My full name is Matthew Tabasco. Im an engineer by trade, and I was looking to get into the game of this weekend for fun, to see what all the hype was about. Eventually you reach the mall and find a coffee shop that has a large LCD screen showing the stores name. You press the button to order and the clerk goes to check the screen, but the screen is off. You ask the clerk if she needs help and she tells you to come in when the screen is back on. After the clerk returns, you order your drinks at the bar and sit with a group of your friends. You look throughout the room and cant find any other girl that you think might be as pretty as Jennifer Lawrence. Eventually the group disperses into smaller groups, and you do the same. You: That was the most beautiful girl Ive ever seen, and I have been in a store thats this big since I was a child. Tabby: Hey, I dont need a picture with Jennifer Lawrence, shes got an excellent face. The waitress returns your food and drinks to you, then goes back to the kitchen and comes back with two scoops of ice cream. You ask her to bring them to you in the ice cream van while the girls in your group eat their food, but she tells you she needs to go to the bathroom. You ask if its okay if you sit in the back and she says sure, and then you do the same and wait patiently while the girls in your group finish their meals. When the waitress returns, the other two girls in your group have had their ice cream.

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