Tommy Fury struggles with nerves in new video before proposing to Molly-Mae

Tommy Fury has revealed that he was so nervous before proposing to Molly Mae that his heart was ‘pounding.’

In a new behind-the-scenes video posted by Molly Mae on her YouTube channel, Tommy is seen just moments before their lavish proposal in Ibiza.

The boxer looks anxious, as the videographer asks him: “How are you feeling?” to which he responds with, “very nervous.”

Tommy is later seen taking deep breaths as he holds baby Bambi and eagerly awaits his now bride-to-be Molly’s arrival.

Moments before she arrives, the doting dad tells the camera: “My heart is pounding out of my chest but just look at that, that is unbelievable,” before gesturing to the incredible mountainous location where the fairy-tale proposal took place.

The incredible never-before-seen footage, entitled “23/07/23” after the date they got engaged, also features intimate clips of couple behind closed doors.

The black and white video begins with them meeting on the 2019 show, and also documents their milestone moments as a couple, such as Molly telling Tommy she was pregnant.

The emotional montage also shows a clip of Molly-Mae giving birth, with the duo welcoming their daughter Bambi on January 23.

The video featured Molly and Tommy's signature song ‘The Vow’ by Irish star RuthAnne.

Not only did Tommy fly RuthAnne out to perform the song live during the proposal, but it was also the song that the couple used to announce the gender of their then unborn baby.

Fans were left moved by the touching clips, with one person saying: “I literally sobbed watching this! I am so incredibly happy for you guys! What a special and beautiful relationship.”

Another said: “Nothing makes me happier than Molly getting her happily ever after she deserves, so happy they got to celebrate it the way they wanted too.”

While a third penned: “They have been waiting for this day!! I am so happy for the 3 of you. Such a beautiful family and proposal!! Truly a match made in Heaven. Congratulations.”

It comes as singer RuthAnne revealed she was ‘sworn to secrecy’ after the couple reached out to her.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, she said: "Guys, I just sang 'The Vow' for Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague's engagement. I have not been able to tell anyone, I have been sworn to secrecy, I have not told a soul.

"They've always been huge fans of the song, and Molly-Mae has been DMing me about how much it means to them and how she would want it to be part of her wedding, engagement, whatever.

"And Tommy did all of this, she had no idea. He did such an amazing job. He flew me here to sing 'The Vow' live for them as they got engaged."

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