Tom Cruise brought the world premiere of MI Dead Reckoning to Rome

During the pandemic, the production of Mission Impossible 7 basically had to get special permission from the Italian government to shoot exterior scenes all around Rome while everything else was in lockdown. I still remember those photos too – Rome was at a virtual stand-still, with the Italian government enforcing strict lockdown procedures, and there was Tom Cruise, barking orders at everyone in the middle of Rome. Well, Cruise brought the world premiere of MI7 to Rome, and they took over the Spanish Steps and the Auditorium della Conciliazione last night. The photos are beautiful, honestly. But y’all know this cast is tired. They’ve been working on MI: Dead Reckoning Parts One and Two for three f–king years.

I’m including photos of Tom solo and with the cast. Tom and Hayley Atwell reportedly dated for a bit, but I don’t think they’re still together. They made a point of posing together though. Fashion notes: Rebecca Ferguson wore Emporio Armani, a pretty great dress, albeit very simple. Hayley wore a slinky black dress but I dislike her “wet look” hair. Vanessa Kirby looks the best, imo. I love a blonde in a gold dress, and this looks amazing on her.

The reviews are already coming in for this movie and they’re overwhelmingly positive. I guess there’s still a lot of love for this franchise and for Tom as Ethan Hunt. We’ll see.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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