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Robust American Beauty America, 3 HP. Robust American Beauty America Robust American Beauty America Robust American Beauty America Robust American Beauty America Robust American, Beauty Robustly, Happily. Robustly Robustly Robustly Robustly Robustly Robustly Robustly Robustly Robustly. Robustly You select the machineA smile slowly creeps across your face. At last you have located the equipment you need. Your attention is soon drawn to the large machine. To your right, a rack of tools sits in an adjacent room. These will serve you well with your newfound lathe. To your left, shelves of metal await your selection. This lathe is yours: the first lathe of its kind to be offered to the public. The machine clicks loudly when your finger hits the register, and you are off. You hear the click in your ear and feel the familiar weight of the tool resting in it. You beginThe machines are very different from any others you have ever used. The lathe grinds along at a leisurely, even pace, a steady hum emanating from its smooth, quiet metal body. Your eyes scan the shelves, but there is nothing of your interest. You leaveYou leave, feeling empty and frustrated with the machine. There is nothing but metal and machinery, and you need something to keep your mind occupied. Something to keep you occupied, when the rest of the world seems dull, dusty, and boring. You walk the path, back to the parking area. You notice them as soon as you walk by. Your eyes flicker over their bodies, finding what you are looking for. The eyes that gaze upon you with hunger, longing, and.

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