Tiger Woods Says He Hit Bench Press To Stay In Shape After Crash, I Put Up 255!

Tiger Woods says the only lift he was able to do following his horrific car crash earlier this year was bench press — and he claims he hit it so hard, he was able to put up 255 pounds!!

The golf superstar made the revelation to Golf Digest this week … saying in the weeks after he busted his leg in the infamous L.A. wreck back in February, all he could do to stay fit was get underneath iron and bounce it off his chest.

“I got to where I was doing like 250, 255,” Woods said.

Of course, that’s not exactly Aaron Donald or James Harrison numbers in the weight room … but, remember, Tiger only weighs 185 pounds — and he’s 45 years old!

To give even more context to how impressive the feat is … Woods — who was notorious for his weight lifting back in his prime — says the most he’s ever been able to bench was 285.

Tiger, though, says his bench numbers have gone down now that he’s gotten healthier … explaining he’s able to incorporate far more lifts into his routine, so the bench has taken a back seat.

“Now that I’m doing other things — more functional stuff,” Woods said, “I’ve gone away from benching.”

As bad as that is for his bragging rights … it’s great for his future in golf, ’cause if Tiger’s hitting all of his muscle groups now — including his legs — it means he’s getting closer and closer to a return to the pro course.

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