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But the first episode of a film is not a movie; it is a film. It was the first movie shown after it became illegal to distribute any film without a license, under Section 12A of the Trade Descriptions Act. It is a document that was made secretly, in a foreign country, by a film maker who has a Christian-like faith that the Holy Spirit will guide him. It was not made by a man who believed in Jesus Christ.

The only miracles that are mentioned are those staged at Disneyworld, Cirque Du Soleil, and other hoaxes performed by the Church of Scientology. The Scientology miracles involve people being hooked up to machines while talking into speakers. Its just a series of stories that Ive written for entertainment purposes, he said. Im just playing a character and its very silly, he claimed. I cant really talk to you, Cruise told me. All I can say is, Im looking forward to seeing the movies. While Cruises apparent god status is something he insists is fiction, its hard to believe a person who has spent over a decade trying to get a movie made about the subject wouldnt at least try to make it believable to those interested in believing it. But there is something very strange about Cruise appearing to accept this god status, and his belief in his ability to speak to the spirit world, before he is apparently willing to be talked out of it by his family and his manager. When I asked if Scientology was true, he denied it, saying he didnt believe there was anything real when it came to anything, really, and added, I just want to live forever. Have you ever thought about trying to contact this spirit. He went on, And thats a yes or a no, yes or no. You know what I would like to do, then. I can only give you some words. He told me these words would show me things about myself he couldnt see with human eyes. I would like to speak to you, he concluded. In my opinion, if he really had a spirit guide, and really wanted to see it, he should be able to speak with its voice. He should be able to show his family what the spirit has to say, and why it is right. I just dont see why he wouldnt, or why he doesnt see that his actions show he doesnt want to. Maybe the next time he gets on a plane.

Article about Celebrities who follow a course in miracles