This song was originally recorded by actress Angela Lansbury for the Disney …

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Celine and Peabo used to play this song for the films entire cast during every scene and even sometimes for the filmmakers as well, Celine and Peabo are musicians, afterallThe song gives away that you are a devout christian man, afterall. But there are so many more things about you that are just. There is something else, a little-known fact that will soon become the talk of your home town. Something deeply personal, and very personal indeed. You continue playingYou play the song, and you listen to it as you have so many times before, but something catches your ear in the last verse. But Im afraid the only way I can. You cry out, and begin to cry uncontrollably. Tears stream down your face, your hands squeeze your eyes tightly shut, your whole body is on fire at this moment. As your body trembles and writhes violently against your will, you open your eyes. You can see the band watching you. Theyve gotten very excited, you see now. You dont have time to think about this right now. You dont have time to think about your parents, your sister, or your life. You need to get to the nearest church and get some help.

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