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Spoilers for October 2019 beauty subscription box. And there has been a lot of progression since that time. When I went in to do that, I wasnt really thinking about any big-picture vision. We were just writing on our own. I cant speak with authority about what that experience was like, but it was a good time. I think we were more successful then, but Im not sure because I never thought about that. At this point, I dont know what it was like, but I know that it has been better than earlier on in my career. What I do know is that I wouldnt be in this situation if it werent for all my influences. I really owe it to them to write the best music I can. A culmination of my love of the blues and my love of country, which was the first thing I discovered. Later on, as I got older and my ambitions grew, I went into the world of music and into the world of writing, and Ive been doing it ever since. Ive also had the privilege to play in some of the best bands out there. If it werent for them, I wouldnt be able to do what I do. All I can say is that Im indebted to them; theyve made me who I am as a musician. Theres always room for great talent, and they helped me get here. As the music business changes, and the music business evolves, so too does our relationship to it. I think its important for older musicians to stay aware of whats going on, and if youre not.

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