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There are no rules in the MTV music village. You look up and see a big billboard with a familiar looking face. You feel so excited that you jump up and down. The billboard doesnt look too happy with you. Another billboard says, MTV is all about the music. A third billboard says, I thought MTV might be about other things, but it appears you have a more eclectic taste. What else can you tell us about yourself. It has a different, but no less familiar face on it. It reads, MTVs new music video artist is. And thats the last you see of it before you black out. You look around and see nothing out of the ordinary. You look around and your mouth drops. You try to escapeYou scramble to get away, but the figure doesnt give up, and as soon as you reach for your weapon, you feel a heavy boot on your head. You fall to the ground, where you feel a cold fist squeeze your neck. You see the darkness begin to cover the ground around you. The next time you wake, you see yourself wearing a plain white and black lab coat. Outside, the sun shines, but the inside of the lab is shrouded in darkness. You stand up slowly, and your hand touches cold metal, as your hand brushes against the trigger of a large gun. It makes a click as your fingers grasp the trigger. You look around once more, and notice a bright light, far brighter than the one in the sky. You also notice that the building is dimly light. Finally, you notice that youre on an empty dirt road, and that the moon and stars hang overhead. You look around your surroundingsYou look left and right, then look up.

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