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You start to feel the urge to put some of it down, to get over the whole drinking thing. You take the last gulp and exhale as you feel your head start to hurt. You look around and see the woman you saw earlier. Shes still staring at you, but now her eyes are wide and her mouth is a little agape. She probably doesnt know that theres an empty glass in your hand. Im just surprised to see you here. You know, we could be at my place, drinking, she says. Ive been thinking a lot about this night, you say. How do I know thats not just an excuse to go back out there. If youre going to tell me that much, then I guess I can. Ive been contemplating what we could talk about. You put the glass into your pocket, and then stand up. Thats sort of why I wanted to talk to you in the first place. You mean like the good life Ive been living for the past two years with my family and with you. Her eyes widen and her mouth opens with a big smile.

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