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She was a flamboyant younger Drake and they re trying to rebuild their relationship. She was proudly presenting herself as the Beautiful before everyone. However, I recently found out that she had a husband on her computer. I need to kill him to prevent his memory from coming back. I have to kill you, you say, so you have to give me your name, so I can remember it. Why cant I just keep this between me and my husband. The other night, I had to tell him that I had to kill you. The two of you are now left in each others view staring at one another. You cant see the stars or the moon to tell you how long youve been staring at the darkness, but the longer you stare at the image of the black-haired woman, the more the image of her becomes real. Shes the face you saw when you were trying to sleep. Its a horrible thing, to have to kill someone who has killed you. But at the same time, you never expected this to be like this. The more you think about it, the more you realize that this woman didnt kill you, but she is in need of your help. You begin to see similarities between this woman and the one who was killing everyone. Shes the witch who had her body burned down and now has been living as a homeless person. She is the one who had to take care of her mother while she was missing and tried to stay out of the trouble that followed. It was only because of the presence of the Black Knight that she could live in peace. The Black Knight is the one who was protecting her only child, who is now a fugitive. This woman is now the one responsible for everyones lives being threatened. You help the WitchIve been thinking about things, and yes, I do feel guilty for killing you. Its been a long time since anybody had to kill.

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