Things you didnt know about Banksy

  1. In 2008, the Daily Mail claimed to have found a photo of Banksy (Image: Peter Dean Rickards)1 of 28
  2. A new Banksy piece protesting over the use of teargas on refugees in London (Image: Getty)2 of 28
  3. In 2007, a alleged photo of Banksy was released. In response, he told Time Out: ‘It’s in my interest not to comment on any of the photos doing the rounds.’ (Image: Peter Dean Rickards)3 of 28
  4. In 2011, one of Banksy’s pieces, Gorilla in a Pink Mask, was painted over when the building it was on was about to be turned into a mosque. The building’s owners claimed the had no idea it was a Banksy. (Image: PH)4 of 28
  5. Someone from The Guardian knows what Banksy looks like: in 2003 SimonHattenstone interviewed the artist face to face and described him as ‘a cross between Jimmy Nail and Mike Skinner of The Streets.’ (Image: PH)5 of 28
  6. Banksy’s mural of Steve Jobs at the Calais ‘jungle’ camp (Image: Getty)6 of 28
  7. He designed the cover of Blur’s album, Think Tank. (Image: PH)7 of 28
  8. You can see a Banksy in the background of the 2007 film Children of Men. (Image: PH)8 of 28
  9. He illustrated the opening credits to The Simpsons in 2010. (Image: PH)9 of 28
  10. In 2004, Banksy designed and released fake ‘Lady Di’ 10 pound notes. (Image: PH)10 of 28
  11. One of his pieces sold as ‘mural with a house attached to it’ and made over £100,000 at auction. (Image: PH)11 of 28
  12. He visited New Orleans in August 2008 to mark the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (Image: PH)12 of 28
  13. In 2004, Banksy defaced copies of Paris Hilton’s debut album ‘Paris’, and distributed them in HMV shops. (Image: Getty)13 of 28
  14. New Banksy, Yellow Lines Flower Painter on Pollard Street (Image: Getty)14 of 28
  15. His documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop made more than $5,308,618 at the US box office. (Image: Getty)15 of 28
  16. Banksy artwork stolen in London (Image: Getty)16 of 28
  17. He started the Cans Festival, a free-for-all painting zone whose name is a play on the Cannes Film Festival. (Image: Getty)17 of 28
  18. A Banksy mural in Notting Hill (Image: PH)18 of 28
  19. One of his works – ‘This looks a bit like an elephant’ – accidentally got a homeless man evicted from his squat. When Banksy found out, he gave the man enough money to live on for a year to make up for it. (Image: PH)19 of 28
  20. He created ‘Pest Control,’ a group of experts who can tell a Banksy fake from the genuine article. (Image: PH)20 of 28
  21. He honours his critics: Banksy a tribute mural for graffiti writer, Ozone, after he was hit by a moving train and killed. (Image: PH)21 of 28
  22. Celebrities love his work: Christina Aguilera owns three works by Banksy, including Queen Victoria As a Lesbian, and Angelina Jolie spent amore than $307,000 on Banksy pieces in 2006. (Image: PH)22 of 28
  23. His collaboration with Damien Hirst, ‘Keeping it Spotless’, sold for over $1.8 million at auction in 2008. (Image: PH)23 of 28
  24. British artwork in Calais (Image: Getty)24 of 28
  25. A piece of wood was used to cover Banksy’s mural (Image: Getty)25 of 28
  26. Man covers up Banksy’s mural protesting against use of teargas on migrants (Image: Getty)26 of 28
  27. Banksy’s mural across the French embassy protesting against use of teargas on migrants (Image: Getty)27 of 28
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