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Html You say You gotta tell me everything. You say I wanna know what you got on the deal. She says I had a friend who was a prostitute and she was a whore too and they both told me this story. She was the boss of three other whores that she was running a brothel out of and she had her own little group there, three whore houses. When I met her, she was a pretty bitch whore that had been in that situation before and she was just looking for better opportunities and just like me and a few other hookers I knew that were all just looking. She told me how her husband was going to sell the last of the land and that she was going to quit her job and take the kids to live with her and she said that it would be great. I told her that I wanted to know what she was doing and she said that Id be better off going with her. You say So she was offering you the job. She says She was offering me the job to get my kid away from her and give the brothel business a try, but she said she could get me a bigger girl than me. So she was going to offer me a pretty girl, not a whore. She says Now, she didnt get me one, she was supposed to meet you in the morning in another town and she was going to come back here and take me out to meet you, but she got sick on the way and took her car and left it at a whorehouse. Well I mean Im not going to say that the whore has no idea what she did wrong, she did, but in my experience she would have been even more pissed at me if I hadnt been there and shed had to walk all the way back here and back out and then run all the way back to pick up another whore to finish me. You say That sounds like what happened last time you were working here. She smiles and says Ya, but I was able to get my kid. You say Do you want to tell me and my sister about it. No, Ill have you know that I just got married last night. You say No, no, I mean, I want to know how much you charge to keep one of your girls. Thats not really the problem with this one, but I was going to ask you first if you were sure, but I guess the first question is what is the problem.

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