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How many of the 50 celebrities who are not from the United States are actually Cuban. Which of the 50 stars do you know personally and which ones cant you name. Your vote: Carlos Mencia, Michael Rapaport, and Steve MartinYouve reached your weekly search limit. TinEye allows you to do up to 50 searches per day, and up to 150 searches per week for free, non-commercial use. Youll be able to search TinEye again on Thursday 01 October 2012. If you want, you can always register and log in to see the full list of results. SALEM A bill that would put all marijuana cultivation, processing and sales within the jurisdiction of Oregons Bureau of Liquor Control would eliminate many of the states major concerns with legalization. The legislation introduced Monday by House Speaker Tina Kotek and Sen. Ginny Burdick would create a Liquor Control Commission. It would allow for all forms of marijuana to be purchased and sold from licensed locations. Oregon is currently the only state in the country that regulates marijuana and yet its still one of the most dangerous drugs used in our society, and we think its high time that we move toward legalization, Burdick said Monday. The bill has support from many politicians, especially as legalization initiatives gather steam in a few states, including California and Nevada. It could also come to a vote next year. The Liquor Control Commissions role would include licensing marijuana dispensaries, regulating marijuana manufacturing and testing, and dealing with marijuana businesses as they are licensed to do in liquor stores. It would also oversee marijuana distribution to the public. Licensing and regulating marijuana is exactly the same as regulating cigarettes and alcohol, Rep. If we are going to legalize marijuana, we should do it with a simple simple majority. We should not do it via ballot measure. In order to implement a state-run marijuana industry, the legislature would first take up a legalization bill and then the commission bill, likely this winter. Kotek has said she believes the legislature would approve a bill, which means shell have a good chance of getting it through. NoneTUSCALOOSA Auburn will be without its most talented defensive lineman for its next game due to violation of team rules, according to defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson. Junior Alex Kozan, a fellow native of Georgia, wont be ready for game week, Johnson said in a text to AL.

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