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John Cusack and Ethan Hawke attend the premiere of their independent film The Skeleton Twins. George Wells attends the premiere of his film The Little Stranger. We get an explanation of how celebrity culture is different than normal culture and all of it is really interesting because it is not like we just talked about it previously. We have heard a lot of the topics before but the different places are all new to us. We then get to see pictures of some of the celebrities and there are a little more pictures of each celebrity than we expected. We should not only take pictures with our family and friends but with everyone else as well. T have to hang out in a theme park all the time doing nothing. T involve eating fried dough or soda pop. We can go outside and enjoy the sun and the fresh air. These celebrities are getting old and they need to stop taking themselves so fucking seriously and just enjoy themselves sometimes. Ll probably get tired of pretending at that soon anyway. Ll be less likely to steal from a charity box on the side. M going to end up like me.

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