There is no stinger after the credits of Beauty and the Beast…

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Oh my fucking god, you say. You go back to your couch and do something elseYou go back to watching The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and fall asleep. THE ENDYou run back into the room where everyone is, and the doors are locked. Everyone looks around as you run into the room. We dont need all your answers. Lets just go back to our normal lives, OK. The tension is so high that you dont even think about telling them what happened in the bedroom. You tell them what happenedYou tell them what happened in the bedroom. After you do so, everyone relaxes a little. I mean we should be trying to figure out who the fuck this monster is. We were talking, you finish lamely. We shouldnt go out, you say, though, like you did before, you dont finish your sentence. I dont think we should go out, Wendy says. We could end up like that poor girl back at that party. We cant keep staying inside, Fay says, getting teary-eyed. You sit down on your couch and start thinking. I dont know, I guess we could all stay in here until the sun comes up, you say. You sit there for a while, not speaking to anyone, until you think up of an idea. We all stay in here and stay awake, and whoevers tired gets the door open for access, you say.

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