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Jon said You continue your career after the show. So that didnt pay, but you have a lot of time to think about other things instead of working a dead end job. You find a newspaper article about some man who wrote a book about his life, then decided he loved writing non-fiction instead. He turned his writing into a big success and now gets money from publishing deals. You write a few things, and you never get enough sleep, because youre always thinking of new ways to improve them. You feel like youre making progress, and its a better feeling than a job ever was. When youre sixteen, you decide to go into the music industry. You try out for a minor band, and they think they found the perfect candidate. You go on a few dates with them, then one day you get a call saying you werent selected. You dont blame them, being a girl, youre a long shot to make it anyway. This is the first step in getting a job in the music industry. In the beginning, you have to audition a bunch of bands that wont do you any favours; you have to play an instrument and sing, or write some music to accompany the others. Youve got to learn a lot about the business, but eventually you can write some great music. By your eighteenth birthday youre in a pop group called The Vamplets. They were a big hit in Norway, and were about to conquer Europe. Youre getting great recognition, thanks to your success in the music industry, but youre not just happy with the attention. Youre getting a lot of it, theres nothing wrong with that. When you were eighteen, the success in the music industry started to wane, and you started losing your popularity. You havent got a record contract for seven years now. You have to follow your dreams of being an actress. You start a new band and play a few gigs. Your fans like your music, but since you have to write most of the songs, you start to feel burnt out. Youre a girl, and women just dont have that kind of talent. You pursue being an actressYouve got talent, and youve got it burning inside you to become an actress. Thats the only way youre ever going to make a living, and.

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