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The weeknds Beauty Behind The Madness is a wild, head-spinning, mind-blowing ride of a pop record filled with all the joys of pop music: great hooks, beautiful melodies, interesting twists and turns, and a general sense of fun thats a bit out of the ordinary. Its pop that feels like its having too much fun, and that isnt necessarily a bad thing. There are good things and bad things about pop music, after all, and sometimes the best pop music is the kind that has no idea what else it could have been doing, like this album. The Weeknd is a songwriter who is better than his songs deserve. If the production on some of the songs on his last two albums isnt as top notch as it is on this one, theres a damned good reason for that, and Id wager he could make a better record than this if he put his mind to it. But while his music could use a little more polish and he could stand to be a little more consistent, the end product is still one of the more fun albums weve heard in a long time. If he had a little more time and resources, Im sure he could have made a very, very great album if hed kept that focus, but Im also sure hell do something equally fun with his next project. You can pick up a copy of The Weeknds album Beauty Behind The Madness for yourself, no strings attached, now. The Toffees hierarchy have been in contact with the Magpies over the 23-year-olds availability, but it is understood they believe a bid of that size would be out of their reach. 9m for Sissoko, who has one year left on his contract at St James Park. Newcastle are keen to keep Sissoko, who is on his way back from a thigh injury which has limited him to just three league starts this season. Everton want the player in order to add to a frontline which is struggling to score goals, and they believe they can do a deal for a player who.

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