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This fantastic little room was soooo convenient when this place was brand new. It was so neat having a display case to put pictures and props. I especially liked the glass cases with the paintings from the movie which gave me a little extra excuse to hang pictures and props in them. I loved that it was a little less clean than my own living room. In fact to be perfectly honest it had an air of grunge about it. I dont know if that was a design choice, a personal thing, or a mix of both, hah Anyway, it was just a neat little spot within the chaoticness of the house. Last night while going to bed it suddenly occurred to me that I never had a room like this before. My house is pretty clean so its not like anything would happen to me if I lived in a nicer house. I mean I live alone so I could get a better one if I really wanted one. My eyes began to drift back to the dresser that I hadnt been paying attention to before. It occurred to me to go over and get it, and that I had been trying to do for the past few minutesI opened it up and the first thing I saw was a huge stuffed teddy bear. I guess he had gotten a little too plump. Im not sure what I was expecting, but this was much smaller than the ones I used to have. This one had a nice fabric and metal headpiece to go with it. It even had a little plastic nose and mouth. I was sort of surprised that it wasnt more stuffed, since I thought the girl that owns this house is a goth. So the bear is her pet teddy and she keeps him stuffed in his teddy-box just like I remember. The bottom layer was made of a thin transparent material. It was a fairly modern looking one and the dollhouse was on metal legs to go with it. The dollhouse itself was also made of solid metal. I cant imagine why this was a surprise to me, but I was more than a little surprised. My eyes drifted back down to the floor for a moment and I spotted something new. So, how do these fit in with my theme. I mean theyre not fancy and I dont exactly have much space, but I suppose that I could rearrange it so that these are above the dresser, then I could put a nightstand against the wall next to the dresser. Oh wait, I already have the new bathroom with the toilet.

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