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I know the magazine you want and we are here to get it to you as soon as possible. Ill see if I can get anything for you as well. You can have my room if you want and you can get some much-needed rest after the long days youve had there. Ll feel better when you see me again. With the last of your worries out of your mind, you look at the room. S a decent sized room with a bed and a wardrobe. You turn off the light in your room and crawl into bed. You wake up soon after and the first thing you notice is the clock on the wall. You were fast asleep for three hours. The second thing you notice is your heart pounding a little faster. You get out of bed and go to the wardrobe and look for a shirt. Suzy dont you remember how to dress for bed. T get to just walk in here and ask for clothes in the morning. You see a dresser with dress clothes near the dresser and then a bunch of dress clothes scattered across the floor. T anything else of use in her room. M not really sure what you want to eat at my house. Julie says turning over on her side on top of her bed. T worry about my sister seeing me.

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