The Sussexes were initially given a few weeks to pack up & leave the keys

The Sun’s cover story for the past two days has been devoted to “Frogxit,” which is the Murdoch press’s punchy nickname for King Charles evicting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from Frogmore Cottage. True story: Rupert Murdoch is *also* an American citizen. He had to naturalize so he could buy/own American media outlets. Anyway, with all of the talk about how QEII “gave” Frogmore Cottage to the Sussexes as a “gift,” once again it is worth pointing out that the Sussexes paid back the entire renovation costs of this royal property, and they have a valid lease which is currently paid in full. This is completely and totally King Charles being a vindictive prick. Well, here’s the latest from the Sun:

Harry and Meghan have until after the ­Coronation to pack their bags at Frogmore ­Cottage after Charles gave a stay of execution. A spokesman for the US-based pair confirmed our exclusive that they have been told to vacate their Windsor home.

King Charles is offering the home to Andrew — after promising he would not leave his brother homeless or penniless. The new monarch wants to move from past scandals before May’s Coronation.

His plans are understood to be backed by working royals including Queen Consort Camilla and the Prince and Princess of Wales. But a rival camp — the Sussexes and other non-working royals, including Andrew, 64, plus his daughters Princesses Beatrice, 34, and Eugenie, 32 — are understood to feel appalled by the moves.

An insider said: “There is now a clear dividing line between the working members of the Royal Family and the non-working members like the Yorks and Sussexes.”

It is understood there has been a flurry of letters and emails between Buckingham Palace and the couple’s California home in the past seven weeks. The Sussexes were initially given a few weeks to pack up and leave the keys. But after fraught negotiations they have until after the Coronation to ship their belongings.

The pair have yet to be told if they are invited to the May 6 ceremony at Westminster Abbey, The Sun understands. A source said: “Charles wanted to start after his Coronation with the issues of Harry and Meghan and Andrew put to bed. The situation has dragged on far too long and he wanted to act decisively and quickly.”

[From The Sun]

“The Sussexes were initially given a few weeks to pack up and leave the keys.” To the house for which they paid $3.1 million plus rental fees. I hope the “flurry of letters and emails” included the Sussexes’ lawyers and I hope those lawyers made a huge fuss about it. It’s amazing how tone-deaf all of this is, but it makes sense when you consider that Camilla was neighing in Charles’s ear while William was engorged with incandescent rage at the very idea that his rich brother keeps a fully-paid for cottage in Windsor. None of the “working royals” has the good sense god gave a goose, so here we are.

PS… I hope the Sussexes fly in for a 24 blitz to pack everything up and then leave without seeing anyone, and I hope they do it in the next few weeks, well before the Chubbly.

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