The Sleeping Beauty Quartet is a series of four …

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The Sleeping Beauty Quartet is now available for instant digital download from the website you are currently reading this story on. Anne Rices masterpiece, you think of the people you had the privilege of meeting on this vacation. You think about John and Jeanine, and all the other travelers you met along the way. Most of all, you think about Mary, Mary, Mary You thank AnneYou stand up from your comfy armchair, and walk towards the window that overlooks the pool. At the same time, you can hear a knock on the door. You are about to answer it, when you think that you should give it some time to answer. You need to go back to your previous location first. Taking a deep breath you open up the door. The room isnt quite as bright with the sun out, but you see a young woman dressed in a black dress sitting by a rocking chair. After a moment of hesitation, you open up the door and approach her. You are so busy looking at her that you forget to reply her greeting. So instead you say HeyHi, she says, a little confused by your sudden presence. So, can I sit in your rocking chair. At this point you have had enough time to fully comprehend everything that is going on around the room. She notices this, but she insists she is too busy to do something about your situation. You then think you should do something about her situation, so you look at her and point to the chair, in which you were sitting in and ask if that is fine. Sure, she says, and then the pair of you sit in the rocking chair together. Im sorry I kept you waiting, and I should have said something to you earlier. Well, I understand it was a rush job on my part, but I appreciate it if you could at least ask me a few questions about myself first before putting me in a position like this. Well, do you want to tell me everything in detail. I dont think I could, so lets get right to it. Now youre getting a little skeptical of her answers. Are you going to tell me that you are from New Orleans. Im one of those people you keep on the outside looking in.

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