The saying Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, goes to say that …

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As you say this, you raise your right hand and then raise it at the very top of the wrist, and you raise it again at the very bottom, and you repeat it quickly. You keep doing it, as it is still very sudden. Im just a regular person, You say with a shrug. He says and puts his hand under yours. You will go through trials like this until you have completely destroyed all traces of that which is evil. Then, you will be able to give the final judgment. And you will know them by their works, by their thoughts, by their words. For from within they are consumed with fornication and evil thoughts and their worthless lips are deceitful. You will give them a sign; the sign of the prophet Jonah. A great fish, whose scales are white, comes up twenty feet out of the sea. On it is written: Behold, I am coming soon, and it goes down with a splash. The prophet Jonah went in to the great white fish, thinking, Its just another ordinary-sized fish. Then a little later, he realized the sign of Jonah. You think to yourself, He must have a special spiritual power. If he can see the little fish change into the huge white fish, I bet the powers of the sea can do the same thing. So you make a mental note of all this. If the Spirit of God can see an ordinary water-filled sack into a fish that can go twenty-feet out of the seas surface, it would be foolish not to study the matter further. You pick up the Book of Revelation and begin to read. You read through the book of Revelation, and it is very hard to study, but you take your time, and it seems to you that all the signs and visions mentioned in this book are true. Then you read the next part of the book. And from that time on, I was no longer seeking my own glory, but you, O God, were my glory. And you will see me no longer; but I will see you, I will be with you, and will not forsake you, and will give you new life. I am your own, and you are mine; I will not be afraid; and now I know that you have guided me. You were No Longer Looking for Your Glory Before Reading This BookYou were.

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