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A woman that prays God to give her a plenty of children. The Singing of the Bible Verses inherits the beauty of Christ. Dont let the mind run away to-the-dark. This is how the love of Christ is with you, as you walk this life of love with the Savior. The Familyi To my knowledge, this is the first time that the Church has put together a Bible Verse Verse Sheath. Its not a flashy thing, its a practical little piece of cloth. It was made by an outside company and the Church has no control over who makes it. AdvertisementsIts not too late to get in, but it might cost you. The first of its kind, the Fashion Forks exhibition is set to take place June 5-13 in Rochester and the surrounding area. The idea is to showcase the diverse and exciting world of footwear and clothing, some of which is made from discarded tires. Fashion forks may look weird on the outside, but they are actually functional. So much so that the city of Rochester is currently working on a pilot program that could expand the concept to other boroughs, to expand our understanding of tire reuse in Rochester, said Chris DeRosa, the citys sustainability director. But the project isnt just for the urban dwellers. The event will also be held at area businesses, where consumers can get in on the action. The purpose of having an exhibit for tires is to show the city not only the value of the tires, but also the other materials they can put in those tires, DeRosa said. The exhibition is being hosted by a nonprofit called Stuff for Tires and has been a collaborative effort between the city, the RPD, and the tire makers for the past year.

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