The Real Reason 90 Day Fiance’s Luis And Molly Broke Up

Season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé introduced viewers to Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez, who frankly seemed doomed from the start. Hopkins met her soon-to-be ex-husband while on vacation in the Dominican Republic, and the duo got engaged after two months of knowing one another (via Us Weekly). The couple caused quite a bit of chaos when they announced to Hopkins’ two children that they had secretly wed behind their backs. 

Mendez found it hard to connect with the teenager and toddler. And six months after their nuptials, the Georgia peach filed for divorce. But what was the last straw for the age-gapped lovers that caused the couple to end their relationship?

For many TLC viewers, it looks like there was an apparent lack of trust between the unhappy couple, not to mention a massive age difference. Plus, the mother of two believed she was used. The reality star told E! News “As far as Luis and I, we’re divorced, and he is remarried, which leads me to believe he totally scammed me to get here on my money even though we were together for almost two years prior.”

Is this a case of "don't hate the player?"

Molly Hopkins’ family warned her during numerous episodes that she was being taken advantage of, but she still went through with the shady marriage despite their concerns, (via TV Overmind). In 2017, Hopkins spoke with the show’s producers to explain that she felt pressured to marry Luis Mendez upon their officiant meeting instead of waiting out the 90 days (via AJC).

TLC viewers will recall the explosive episode where the pair was just supposed to talk about their vows but instead signed the paperwork then and there, making their love story legal. Unbeknownst to viewers at the time, this action allowed Mendez to legally stay in the country well before the 90 days were up. 

When Hopkins finally revealed her truth to the cameras, she broke down, saying, “It was really rough, the pressure of getting him over here. We only had a certain amount of time.” But sadly, time and love were never on their side.

Apparently there's no love lost between the two

While Molly Hopkins is still single, as of writing, she is once again back on a 90 Day Fiancé spin-off called 90 Day Fiancé The Single Life (per The Sun), where cameras are showing how the bra queen of Livi Rae Lingerie is doing as she prepares to introduce a new boyfriend to her family. 

Luis Mendez, on the other hand, remarried in 2018. At the time, Luis explained, via Soap Dirt, “Yes, I did get married. I love this girl so much. She is so amazing. The most amazing part was meeting her because she changed all life to happiness. However, Mendez is in the midst of being deported back to the Dominican Republic. It looks like his new wife may not be a legal citizen of the United States, which means it would make her ineligible to be a sponsor for him. Deportation hearings can often take three years, and for now, he seems content living in Elizabeth, New Jersey, waiting out the trial. 

Mendez’s Instagram once showed pictures of his second wife, but they have since been deleted. Even through all this turmoil, fans believe Hopkins still wouldn’t rule out finding love abroad again and hopes that she will be able to take off the rose-colored glasses to see the red flags if she does.

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