‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s White Chocolate Pistachio Truffles Recipe

The Pioneer Woman made a sweet treat with white chocolate. Here’s how to make Ree Drummond’s white chocolate pistachio truffles.

Ree Drummond’s white chocolate pistachio truffles

Drummond starts by making the truffle filling. She places chopped white chocolate into a non-stick saucepan. Next, she pours in a can of sweetened condensed milk and pistachio butter, which she says is just like peanut butter. Drummond asked her daughter, Alex, to explain why truffles were so prominent during her honeymoon in the Maldives.

“Chocolate and dessert is really big in the Maldives and they have a little something sweet after every meal,” says Alex on The Pioneer Woman show. “So, during breakfast there was a huge truffle bar out for us to get truffles, so I had these white chocolate pistachio truffles every morning for breakfast, and they were the highlight of my breakfast, personally.”

Alex says there were different types of truffles available, but she gravitated toward the white chocolate pistachio truffles every time. She says they were her favorite.  

Preparing the white chocolate pistachio truffles

Drummond stirs the white chocolate pistachio mixture until it’s melted. Once the mixture is ready, she pours it in glass bowl, covers it with plastic wrap, and places it in the refrigerator. Drummond recommends chilling the mix for an hour. She says if you chill it for more than that, it will harden and then it becomes difficult to roll the mixture into balls.

Next, Drummond mixes melted white chocolate with coconut oil in a double boiler. She then drops the ball into the mixture. Drummond uses a scoop to get uniform portions. “Just get it leveled off and roll it up into a neat little ball,” she says.

“The best tool for this is a fork,” says Drummond. “So, once it’s in there, just kind of pile on the white chocolate. She says you can use a second fork to place it on a sheet pan. Drummond tops the truffle with crushed pecans. Alex gave her seal of approval. “They’re so good,” says Alex. “They’re so rich and creamy and dreamy.” You can find the complete ingredients list and directions on the Food Network website.

Ree Drummond’s chocolate cake

If you’re looking for another chocolate recipe, try Drummond’s chocolate cake (check out some of Drummond’s best chocolate recipes). She refers to this as her “top-secret chocolate cake” because she doesn’t tell anyone that she uses boxed cake mix. This is one of Drummond’s superhero shortcuts. “It’s so delicious that no one would ever know,” says Drummond.

Drummond starts by adding a box of dark chocolate cake mix to a bowl followed by one cup of milk, ½ cup of melted butter, three beaten eggs, one tablespoon of vanilla, and one cup of chocolate chips. After stirring the mixture, Drummond pours it into a Bundt pan. She bakes the cake for 40 minutes in a 350 -degree oven. She says the cake is done when you stick a toothpick inside of it and it comes out clean. You can find the complete ingredients list and directions on the Food Network website.

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