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Id much rather be able to choose what I post on my site. My site is called, appropriately enough, The Fat Photo Cafe. Back to top The Fat Photo CafeThe Fat Photo Cafe, TFPCC, was created as a place where individuals could meet and communicate with each other in a supportive and friendly environment. Not to brag, because its never been done before by anyone, but I think its a pretty cool idea We are currently open to the general public, though we occasionally screen photos to maintain the TFPCC atmosphere, though this is a rare occasion, and we always welcome the public to come in and take pictures with us. Since we are in such close proximity to the TFPCC in Los Angeles, we post many TFPCC-relevant photos on our site. If you are visiting the TFPCC, just look up a photo of a TFPCC-themed cake, costume, or other food item and you will see a picture of TFPCC on it. At the present time, we are also open to accepting private, limited-run bookings, involving up to 6 people per booking, including the photographer, for events including parties, group meals, and photoshoots. Please see TFPCCs private bookings for more information. As usual, we have limited free public space when no one is around, which we call TFPCC-land. You can find it at the entrance of our building. The TFPCC is located at: 934 S Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90011Please note, if you choose to pay us for your photo, this is at a fee, and you will have your photo taken on the premises at no charge to you. 20shot, and we cannot guarantee that your photo will be used to its full potential. Sincerely,The TFPCC Team Dear Sir,We were impressed by your website in that it showed you had thought out all the details and details about your photography idea clearly. But we have some questions to ask before we can work with you and this is where we are at a short notice. What is the highest-resolution format you are willing to take a photo in. That is to say, are you interested in a photo that is at the same size as the TFPCCs web page.

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