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These six people have experienced all of the following: Bisexuality, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Pansexual. The above list was compiled from the following sources: 1.

The list is The Black Male Celebrities Who Identify, As Bisexual and or As pansexual. All of who are also members of The Lesbian, Gay, LGBT Community. The show is so much about the gay subtext of the show that it was really only in my mind Id made the bisexual joke. And the fact that I didnt say bisexual is a testament to how out of touch I was at the time. Well, this means that she is obviously not into guys; there had to be another woman in her life that she was romantically attracted to. She then turned to me and said, Look, I know youre gay. So the question is are you one of those guys or are you attracted to a woman. Snort, Well, this girl is a real homophobe, and Im the opposite of that. I would have happily accepted Kaitlin as my new girlfriend if shed admitted she was into her sister. If all the gays on television were like this, wed be like the Fab Five or something. Its really amazing that weve gotten to this point in the world, but I guess well never know if we hadnt. Ken is a closeted gay man who keeps his orientation to himself. He was once married to the father of one of his sons friends, however when that friend died, he found a new love in his life, which turned out to be his son who died of bacterial meningitis shortly after birth, as a result of which the father was unable to raise his son. Instead of giving up his life as a father, he found himself drawn to the one man he could have sex with. He has an on-going relationship with this man, and when in his sons presence he uses the boy to distract, and eventually seduce his boyfriend of the day. Ken has since started his own podcast and he has been featured multiple times on the Dr.

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