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The Beauty and the Beasts film is the new live-action Disney musical that was premiered to much rave reviews in Hollywood in 2017. S servant The animated film was originally intended to star Emma Watson as Belle, but the actress schedule was not free until after her other films. The musical was adapted from the fairy tale by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Howard Ashman. The film was also co-produced by Jeffrey Katzenberg and his production company DreamWorks Animation. The movie, which received mostly positive reviews, was nominated for six Academy Awards, winning two, including best original song City of Stars. 1On J, it was announced that a live-action Beauty and the Beast film titled Beauty and the Beast would be released on Ma. 2 On Janu, director Bill Condon told Entertainment Weekly, Its a very good idea and it would be fun to revisit the story. 3 There was also a report that the film would be set in California instead of London. 4 In June 2017, it was stated by director Bill Condon that the film will take a very different turn, in which the story will be different from the one told in the original animated film. However, on J, the films sequel, Beauty and the Beast II: Renaissance Man, was announced. With the new film, the story will be the same, yet the musical will not be the same as the first one. The Beast is a vain, cold, unloving man who will do anything to avoid the pain he suffered as a child. In a different time or place, the Beast could have easily been anything but the unsympathetic, mean-spirited monster he is. In Beauty and the Beast, the Beast is a rich, arrogant, unkind, cruel, greedy, shallow, arrogant and cold man who has been cursed. He believes that anyone who is anything less than perfect is unworthy of love or human pity. He believes that the best way to show how superior he is is through his servants, who are only allowed to talk about him and to do nothing more. The Beast is not only emotionally abusive, but also physically abusive.

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