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You exit the dressing room and head towards the front desk where a beautiful young woman is checking your tickets. You probably should get some rest then. You walk towards the exit and suddenly this woman grabs your shoulder. Re too busy with your life right now, so get out of my sight. And with those words she drags you out of the elevator and out of the hotel room. T feel as awkward walking past another floor. Eventually you make your way home. T feel as safe that night as you did when you were with Yvette. Re thinking maybe you should get some sleep first. Ll probably need a little sleep to recharge your batteries. You head back to your room and close your door. You then start going through your wardrobe to see what clothes you might be able to wear to the club. You go through your room and grab a few less expensive items of clothing. T mind wearing and then head back out the door. Re walking past the elevator you hear a voice. And there it is, your new boss Yvette speaking to you from beyond the grave.

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