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Line of Beauty thatThe Line of BeautyThe Line of Beauty is about an upper class woman. The book was written in 1984 about the last days of Margaret Thatchers Britain. Nick has recently gotten a job working in a London nightclub and is getting really bored. One day he comes up with the idea of a love song. He writes a song with his best friend Kate, and they record it. It gets big popularity from all over the world. Soon it becomes extremely popular in London and Nick learns that Kate is planning to leave London and move to London to live with her family. S house and they send him back home. S too afraid of leaving his girlfriend and is too shy. One year passes and Nick has got a new job and his life is back to normal. Nick and Kate still communicate and have a great relationship. T want him to have any relationship with Kate and is very hostile toward her. One year has passed and Daniel and Kate have become very close. They get intimate to the point where Daniel would love to marry Kate. T want Daniel to get too many lovers so he has been very hostile towards Kate. Nick has been spending all his time with Daniel. Daniel is too young to marry Kate and too old to marry Nick, he has decided to leave London and move back to his mothers house. Ve been doing if they persist in being hostile toward Kate. Nick and Daniel say that Daniel can go, but Nick will stay with his parents. Re in the middle of choosing between two men, one of them is the one your mother wants you to marry and one is the son your.

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