The heartwarming tale of Belle and the Beast swirls …

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And to everyone coming out to these live shows to support the cause. We cant wait for you to see us all together. CriesYou know, sometimes I wonder if Batman has a sense of humor,Its a long and difficult road back to relevance. You leave Gotham CityYou just cant get over the fact that youre not the Joker anymore. You mightve just had one of the greatest lives ever, so what are you complaining about. A life, if you do say so yourself, cant come close to explaining the amazing life youve had. Your mother had a little sister with the most amazing eyes. Your father had a beautiful wife, so beautiful youd call her the next Belle. But like all beautiful things, they could be taken from you. Your father was taken from you when you were only four, and while your mother and sister were able to see you again, you were no where the same. In fact, you were a little scared of the world, because this is always the way with you. That was, until one day you decided to help other people. They thought you were crazy, or even worse, a villain. Because as bad as things were for you, they werent as bad as what could happen to others. Youve been saving people ever since that day. But when youve saved someones life, youve become so close to them that it hurts. Theyve been willing to make the difficult choices in order to help you. Over the years, youve been saving lives, making connections, and spreading joy, and sometimes happiness, to the people of Gotham City. The people in Gotham City are always happy, or at least as happy as people can be in a world like this. And thats because youve saved their souls, because youre Batman.

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