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Some of these people died and however early in their lives, that doesn, doesn,t mean that they didn,t have their good years left. Some of these people also have their good years before death marked in. And the sad thing about all these people is that they died by their own hands, they didnt die of a drug overdose or a suicide by cop. You write something on a piece of paperYou decide to write something on a piece of paper for the future. The piece of paper that will become your new piece of paper has a picture of a girl with a flowery design and written on the board. The other picture shows a girl holding a machete. The words written on the board are:Dear Diary:Tomorrow is the day I finally get over my fear of the dark. I have to go through my life over and over. I remember the past, I think about the future and I dream of the future. When people see me they dont like me. The past, the future and the present are all so confusing. I know Ill die like some other people. But then Ill go back to the future. Then everything will be better and Ill die a happy person. If that is what my sister wants, then I need to make the best of things. I dont want to die like a bad girl. Tomorrow will be the day I die, just like I planned to. You will have your final moments to write about in your new piece of paperIf tomorrow is the day I die, just like I planned to, then tomorrow will be the day I die. And then my last moments to be as sad as possible, will be writing on a piece of paper.

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