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You try to remember if there are any pictures. You could use the remote to see what pictures come up, but the pictures in the gallery are static and boring: old Hollywood, red carpets, parties, and celebrities with sickle cells. You search for pictures of celebrities with sickle cells You search for pictures of celebrities with sickle cells and you do not find any. You have no idea if youll have to deal with anything with your mother at all. If everything goes as expected, youre only going to see her once a year, and you dont want to deal with her if she cant be of any use. You have heard that some people who have scleroderma are cured of it if they are exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation, so you call Scott. Id really like to see my brother, Johnny. Hes been telling me that he wants to see me. He says he wants to apologize for some behavior that he might or might not have done to me. I told him I was sorry, but I wasnt really responsible for anything that happened between us. You say, but it isnt the question that you actually really want to ask. She answers, but an annoyance appears on her face. Im your mother and I should be there for you. I think you should talk to me more. She says, irritated that you havent given her a chance to get back to you. You say, trying to end this conversation without a fight. Oh, fine, she sighs, talk to me again the second I come home from work at night. You wait until shes out the door, and then you ask: What was I gonna ask. Im supposed to call the police on you for threatening my son, so you might as well talk to me because this will be your only chance. You sit down in the living room and wait. A few minutes later, a woman who resembles your mother answers. I just think you should talk to me all the time.

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