The Daily Mail is pretty sure Prince Harry needs to apologize to Will & Kate

Just so we’re clear, the British media spent a full months crying salty tears about how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were going to steal the Queen’s Jubbly thunder, that they would be seen constantly during their visit and it would be awful, that no one in Britain even wanted them there, that the Sussexes would be booed everywhere, that everyone hates hates hates them. Harry and Meghan then turn up, stay lowkey save for one gorgeous appearance at church, and now the new storyline is “why didn’t Harry and Meghan do MORE?” Why weren’t they seen more, why weren’t they humiliated, why didn’t they beg the British public for crumbs, why didn’t Harry throw himself upon Baldemort’s mercy? It’s insane.

Following the Jubbly church service, Richard Kay shat out a long column about how Harry and Meghan were now royal B-listers, relegated to sitting with “the also-rans of the Royal Family” (aka Harry’s cousins and the Wessexes). Then, Kay writes this sh-t with a straight face: “There they waited, exchanging small talk with Harry’s cousins as the real stars of the show arrived, William and Kate accompanying Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.” This is the fundamental issue with the Windsors and their sycophantic media machine: they think they can solely dictate someone’s popularity. They think that what they did to Harry and Meghan would leave them humiliated, and that people would obviously want to see William and Kate more because the Windsors are telling people: you should want to see William and Kate, they are the stars. Meanwhile, people were literally craning their necks to check out H&M, their names were trending on social media for days, and Meghan’s Dior look is the one people will talk about for weeks.

Anyway, Kay had another point, which is that the people are apparently desperate to see William and Harry reunite or make some kind of peace. That was also the point of a very special “Daily Mail Comment” (basically a staff editorial), which was headlined: “William and Harry’s brotherly rift must pain the Queen so much.” The Queen went out of her way to keep the brothers apart, likely at Harry and William’s separate requests. The staff editorial had this hilarious conclusion:

There is of course a deeper poignancy to Harry’s estrangement from William. The nation grieved with the boys on that day in 1997 when they walked together, inconsolable and uncomprehending, behind their mother’s coffin. They had lost so much, but at least, we thought, they had each other. Brothers in arms.

If we feel sorrow now at their alienation, imagine how their grandmother must feel. How she must long for them to find a way of repairing the old bonds.

That would probably necessitate Harry making the first move, an apology perhaps for all the heartache and offence he and Meghan have caused – especially to Kate.

There was little evidence of rapprochement yesterday, however. For now, at least, the brothers remain worlds apart.

[From The Daily Mail]

There we go: “That would probably necessitate Harry making the first move, an apology perhaps for all the heartache and offence he and Meghan have caused – especially to Kate.” Ah yes. That was the point of all of it. “We’re shunning you, you and your Black American wife are so unimportant, we don’t care about you at all, you’re a B-lister, you should be groveling at my feet, apologizing to ME!” Absolutely psychotic. William, Kate and the British media are all running DARVO on the Sussexes.

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