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I love drama As much as I love it, Im writing about my love of drama here. You dont like the idea of just sitting back and waiting for your enemy to make a mistake so you decide to strike first. You pretend to be a manly man so your enemy will make the mistake that makes you look goodYou think it would be a good idea to hide behind this facade so your enemy will make the mistake that makes you look good. I get a lot of attention for being a strong man, even, if Im being honest, from you. I wont lie, it has gotten me in hot water with my boss but I keep my head down because I need the money for my future. I know that I cant go around asking a woman out, Ill make that mistake. I wont let you get me into trouble. So Im going to stay here and take my chances. Let me ask you something, why the hell do you keep doing what youre doing. Because youre a fucking asshole and thats why. You dont have enough balls to come in here, call me a whore and threaten to take my sisters virginity, you think that makes you a fucking man. You think thats going to make me think youre one. Your enemy smirks as he walks past you and takes his leave. You quickly make your way to the door so your boss wont be able to see you. You cant believe he would do something like this to an employee. Why cant he respect a human like you. That arrogant asshole, he knows he doesnt have enough balls to come in here and threaten us with death so he acts like a fucking douchebag instead. You shake your head and close and lock the door. Why do you always disappoint people when you go against their expectations. You know who you are, youre an independent woman who does what she wants. Some people wont like that but at least you have a sense of self-respect. If thats all people had, then nobody would be happy. You start your journey home when you hear a small voice on the other side of the door. Im sorry sir, but I cant let you in You say nothingYou keep silent, youre better off not saying anything and letting them think what they will. Ill be back tomorrow thenYou hear the door open and close before the door locks and you feel a sharp.

This post about My id is gangnam beauty cast