The Bidens wont travel to Germany to support this years Invictus Games

The British government, the British media and the British royal family all collude on one thing: doing the most to snub the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. A few months ago, the Daily Mail ran a curious story which answered several of my questions about the Biden administration’s approach to Prince Harry and Meghan. Basically, whenever it looks like President Biden or Dr. Biden might do anything with or for the Sussexes, the British government freaks out on the State Department, Buckingham Palace throws a tantrum towards the Bidens and then the whole thing is leaked to the British media as “the Bidens snub the Sussexes.” During QEII’s funeral week, some Tory minister was sent to the American delegation, begging President Biden to NOT give the Sussexes a ride on Air Force One. The reason why Dr. Biden didn’t attend the Invictus Games in The Hague last year was for a similar reason – Buckingham Palace and Downing Street contacted the First Lady’s office and whined, cried and pleaded with her to not go to Invictus. The whole thing is despicable and it speaks volumes about the Sussexes’ power. The Windsors and the Tories are expending their political capital with the Biden administration to… whine about the Sussexes. Well, guess what happened again?

Jill Biden will skip Prince Harry’s upcoming Invictus Games and will instead attend a going-away dinner next week for U.S. athletes, the White House announced on Friday. The first lady is opting against traveling to the veterans event in Düsseldorf, Germany, which Harry and Meghan will attend, and will instead speak to the competing Americans next week.

Jill Biden, who is a staunch advocate for veterans, will still mark the Games by addressing 60 wounded, injured and ill active-service military members and veterans in Belvoir, Virginia, the East Wing confirmed on Friday.

She has enjoyed a close friendship with Harry for years and they have bonded over their support for veterans. But recent developments in their relationship suggest she has started to keep her distance. The First Lady wanted to attend the April 2022 games in The Hague in the Netherlands, per a source close to her, but ultimately didn’t go to avoid offending the British Royal Family, exclusively revealed in July.

[From The Daily Mail]

“Ultimately didn’t go to avoid offending the British Royal Family…” The palace and Johnson government contacted the First Lady’s office and TOLD HER that they would be terribly offended if she supported the Invictus Games. That’s literally what happened last year, and I can guarantee that the same thing happened this year. And I have to ask – why does the Biden administration keep folding? I realize this is nowhere near their biggest priority, but that’s all the more reason to say “you know what, this is wrong, I’m going to support Invictus in any way I can.” What’s the worst that can happen? The palace’s tantrum will spill out in public? It already is. The British media will attack President Biden? Guess what, they already are.

PS… This was reported before Dr. Biden tested positive for Covid, but it doesn’t change the fact that the British government freaked out on the White House and demanded that the Bidens not do anything with or for Invictus.

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