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You could probably just go to your local hair stylist or make-up artist and get your face modded, but you might as well go the big league, since the fact that youre reading this article means youre obviously not a slob and youre probably quite capable of managing the most important thing on your mind. You really think that you need to get that Goth look going on, that looks a lot more professional and you could even try the tattoos too. Youre really worried about losing your youthfulness though, youd hate for that to go to waste. You really feel like you could do a whole bunch of more useful things. Still, you feel like theres some sort of power in your indecisiveness and thats sort of making you happy right now. You feel like youve been wasting your existence up to this point and you havent even gotten laid yet. Youre in the supermarket buying a can of orange juice, when you see a little girl about your age going through what looks like a large and heavy duty paper bag. You feel like you could be in trouble, but the way you look at her right now, you actually dont want to. You cant help but want to help. You start to walk over to comfort her. You start to whisper, but the girl doesnt seem to look at you. She looks at the bag and then back to you, Is this bag your great aunt gave you. If its other, then Im going to be so disappointed. She opens a cardboard box and pulls out what looks like a few sticks of gum. She looks at you, shakes her head, and runs out.

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