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The world has been destroyed by radical feminism and the only hope is that maybe you will be the ones to save it. You continueThe more you study Wolf, the more you realize he has been living under a facade for a long time. He was raised in the jungle where there was little human contact so there was no way for him to learn the flaws in his own character. But then one day when the world was truly doomed, he woke up and he saw the mistakes he had made. He realized he had been running a patriarchy and it was failing him and everyone else, so he had to fix it. S been leading you to your destruction. S been someone you can trust to protect this new life you are about to have together. You refuse to play the game of lies anymoreYou begin to feel sick. You have been a good woman your entire life. You are just afraid to admit this out loud. You stand up and walk out of the room. Eventually you come to your senses and go back to your room. Re sitting down on your bed and wiping your eyes, you hear a voice. The ghost of the woman is now floating in front of you. Re doing is making it extremely difficult for me to love you anymore.

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