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A year later, legendary rocker Peter Frampton died on Oct. At this point, I think you know what Im talking about. S another smile-happy smiley face face. Do you have anything that I can do to help get me out of this situation. T have any particular skills, you know. M not a plumber, or an electrician, or even a carpenter. Now, do you know anything about the Grateful Dead. M not really big on music, just used to listen to it a lot when I was in college. What kind of skill would I need to have to fix your car. None, other than a wrench and a power drill. But I also need to put gas in it, so I need a pump to do that. You grab the pump and jack, and find gas, and gas masks, You grab the pump, gas jack, and crowbars. Ve got a bigger problem now: the gas mask. You need enough gas to get you out of this place and back home. You need to find a gas station that has them. Go back to wherever your house is and use the phone to call your friends.

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