The annual Americas Beauty Show, ABS, takes Chicago by…

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Chicago is the most dangerous city in America, the most beautiful cities are all fucked up, and the nicest people are all fucked up too. S why everyone stays in such a shitty situation. Before you leave, you call out to her. Suzy, I am so sorry this happened to you. I tried to help you when you were fucking miserable and now this. Ve been lying to us every goddamn day of our lives. Ve been an asshole to me all these fucking years. Re so upset that you just give up on ever trying to talk to her again. You go back to your room and fall to the bed, shaking and sobbing. Hours pass and eventually you go to sleep. You begin the day in the same place you fell asleep in before. Your mother, father, sister and brother look up at you and greet you. Your father hugs you and kisses you on the head before you can do anything about it. His eyes are red from crying at first, but then he looks around and sees how everyone is there for you and calms down. Eventually your mom walks into the room though she looks a bit worried.

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