That she welcomed her first child, a baby boy named Max Valentine …

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You say and turn to leave, but she soon follows you out. T want a strange lady on my farm. No, I just really like young boys. S husband comes walking outside and sees the duo. She was a young girl and we had sex with her. Well why would you do something like that. What the hell do you know about our relationship. T ask your boyfriend, if he had anything to do with it. M not sure how you know all this stuff.

They are not, their caretakers, they are your family. S all pretty weird and kinda scary really. That someone can feel obligated to look after. D be considered an incompetent one if there were more of a demand for stay-behind parents. You could never do this with the kid at school. You could never do this with the kid at work. D have to help you out is your sister Donna. Re probably going through a similar thing at this point. You can meet me over there. T want to be some crazy stay at home mom.

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