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And, if you look at the Top 20 Sexiest Redheads in Hollywood, you will see the following celebrities:20 Jessica AlbaJessica Alba has a few things going for her. For starters, she is the top redhead in Hollywood after Scarlett Johansson. You also have to keep in mind that her movies are extremely popular and that she has a ton of fans. The fact that she can get on her feet for a bit without looking like a total bitch is just icing on the cake. Jessica is pretty much guaranteed to make a comeback to movies soon, and there is no telling when those movies will be. 19 Kate BosworthKate Bosworth may not be the most sexy actress or model in Hollywood, but she has a certain charm that cant be ignored. The fact that she is still working hard at acting after all these years is a plus. Bosworths acting career has been on a roller coaster ride recently, but at least that means she doesnt need to change much from her acting roots. Bosworth just had her second best film of the year with The Woman in Black 3. She is also an extremely successful model, and she knows what shes doing. 18 Michelle RodriguezMichelle Rodriguez, despite having nothing to do with the Hottest Redhead category, is a part of the redhead elite. She has won many awards and recognition as being The Best of Redheads, and shes always been very nice to her fans. What more can you say about a woman that got her start on the show Glee. When it comes to sexiest redheads, there are several that come to mind. Shes not the sexiest redhead ever, but she will definitely hit the mark if the time calls for her to hit it out of the park. 17 Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence is the best sexiest redhead in Hollywood. Everyone knows about the famous feud between her and Jessica Alba, but thats really not that big of a deal for most. The fact that she still maintains her popularity even after all this time is a testament to her. Lawrence is known as the it girl in Hollywood, and that doesnt surprise anyone. She is very successful and likes to go to the clubs quite often. She is a total ladies man, so its easy to see why she can get away with showing off her redhead charms.

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