Th-century French poet Charles Baudelaire once wrote Le beau …

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You say BeauWell, I suppose he is, but he isnt beautiful, if he had been, I would have used him as an example of how to be beautiful instead of a man that was ugly, anyway Ill explain it to you when we are in that hot tub together. You say No, No, NoI dont think thats how this works, Ill explain it then. You can call me by my name and Ill do as you say, but Im not doing that. You think I like you because I said I liked you, but it was all an act to get you, because like I said before, I like men that are ugly, not ugly men, ugh. You try to convince him to come with youWhy would I do that, Im already in the same pool as you. You decide not to argue anymoreFuck you, dont bother me with your lame arguments anymore, I dont give a shit. You start to leaveYeah, Im leaving, you wanna come with me. You stop before entering the entrance of the poolFucking retard, youre a retard and a manchild for thinking I would let you in for free, now get the fuck out of the pool you goddamn idiot. You follow youCome with me, I can show you what beautiful and powerful swimming is all about. You try to convince him with more argumentsNo, youre not making any sense, it doesnt matter what I say, you still havent come to realize that Im right and the pool is a beautiful place and that you are not beautiful and you should be ashamed of yourself. You decide to leave, and ask him to come with youYou think youre gonna get away with this, but youre a fool for thinking so. You say goodbye and dont return backFucking retard. My name was nice and all, but youd get the wrong idea if you were with someone like that. Youre not ugly, so Id recommend you to stay away from me. I wouldnt have done that if you had been my age. What did you think you were doing coming here and taking advantage of my kindness. You continue to leave againFucking asshole, dont bother anyone who doesnt deserve it. You get outFuck you, youre a moron.

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